Work package 2: Strategic plan development: Integrated inspection approach

(ČIŽP coordinator: Mr. Pavel Šremer)

This work package includes a number of activities and benchmarks. Several background documents supporting the content of this work package are available on this website.

2a.    Strategic plan development and implementation

The project provides assistance in the development and implementation of the strategic plan of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate (ČIŽP). The new strategic plan will amongst others be based on the EU minimum criteria for environmental inspections, existing legislation and available Czech strategic documents that are related to the work of the ČIŽP. The IMPEL handbook for management of environmental inspectorates, as well as other recent international documents concerning the management of environmental inspectorates (e.g. OECD, WHO) will be used too.

A base level study on the implementation of the EU Minimum Criteria for environmental inspections at the regional and local level in the Czech Republic was carried out. This study was carried out by a representative of the ČIŽP under supervision of the Twinning advisor. The results were used in the strategic planning process.

The Final draft of the new strategic plan  includes elements on:
  • CEI´s vision and mission
  • history and profile of the organisation
  • critical analysis and strategies
  • programme aims, goals and milestones   
  • management goals, objectives and  milestones 

and Annexes 1-5  and Annex 6 to the Strategic plan (Czech Regulatory Cycle).   

During the strategy process in two so-called Support Missions (12 May 2004 and 14 July 2004) and 4 workshops were held. In two meetings with Chief Inspectors (Support Missions) strategic plan development has been discussed at management level. To development of the strategic plan was contributed by 4 management workshops, that included a training element. These workshops took place in Hradec Kralové on:

The participants of the first two workshops came from different organisations with responsibilities in the area of environmental inspection and enforcement. The emphasis was on participation at the management level as well as from the ČIŽP. For the overall evaluation of the 4 workshops click here.

Also input for the process of strategic plan development has been asked from other than management staff of the ČIŽP. From 14 through 25 June 2004 the project team  visited all ČIŽP regions to discuss strategy and its implementation aspects with the staff in so-called participatory workshops. The information gathered during these workshops will be used as part of the input for the development of the strategic plan. The final draft of the plan was signed by the director of the CEI on 1 December 2004. For the results of the participatory workshops click here.

The CEI regions were visited once more in order to provide feedback on the outcome of the planning process. The visit of the Regional Inspectorates (a round tour) was organised on the week from 22 November till 26 Novemeber 2004 and for one inspectorate on 1 December 2004. For more information about the wokshops click here.

Furthermore active communication with the regions will be needed, in order to implement the strategic decisions and its consequences.

2b.    Training programme on the development of the strategic plan

Activity 2b focused on combining training in strategic planning with the drafting of strategic plan. It will included lessons on elements of the Dutch situation (the good and the bad).

The information for the strategic plan was gathered in the 4 strategic workshops, mentioned under 2a, by the participants of the training programme. A representative of the ČIŽP has been acting as a co-ordinator for the development of the plan. This person is responsible for the completion of the final plan. A group of selected delegates from different enforcement organisations participated in the seminars. The participants were to have a management position and the ability to think at strategic level.

The seminars also guided the strategic plan­ners through the EU Minimum criteria for environ­mental inspections. The end result of the seminars was input for the draft strategic plan for integrated environmental inspections.

2c.    Study tour to the Netherlands

A one week study tour provided a number of delegates from the ČIŽP an opportunity to compare their practical experience with the experience in the Netherlands. In this study tour visits were made to relevant governmental authorities at central and regional authorities and to several companies. InfoMil and DCMR were the host of the tour. The tour took place at the second week of January 2005. The program of the study visit is available here.

The main objective was to show the practice of the Dutch environmental inspection and enforcement system. This was  done through discussion with representatives of Dutch inspection and enforcement organisations as well as by visits to companies, showing the principles of integrated inspection and enforcement in practice (practical demonstrations of inspectorate intervention in the area of air, nature, water protection and waste management).

It was also be demonstrated how the environmental information exchange and supply systems for the authorities in the Netherlands are handled and how the Dutch inspection and enforcement networks are constructed and operated. Training of inspectors was explained and shown. The Czech delegation have written a study visit report.

More information - programme of the study tour, presentations and other materials - from the study tour is available here.


Activities in Work package 2





Strategic Plan development and implementation
  • Workshops in each of the 10 enforcement regions gathering information and opinions as basis for defining the conditions and prerequisites that should be taken into account in the development of a strategic plan on integrated inspections and the commitment of the enforcement institutions in training programmes
  • Decide about implementation of the in 2b developed strategic plan (this is a process rather than a decision in one workshop)
  • Support to a base level study on the implementation of the EU Minimum Criteria for environmental inspections, to be written by the ČIŽP
  • Feedback on progress and results to staff in one workshop in each of the 10 regional inspectorates


Training programme on the development of the strategic plan
  • Four training seminars to prepare, develop and write the strategic plan
  • Offer the plan to the strategic decision makers in 2a


Study visit to the Netherlands
  • Prepare a study visit for maximum of 6 delegates from ČIŽP, the Twinning advisor and the Project Assistant to the Netherlands
  • Offer a programme giving insight in the strategy of inspection and enforcement in the Netherlands and the way it actually works in practice
  • Discuss the experiences that are useful for the Czech situation and offer potential in Czech Republic


Benchmarks in Work package 2





One base level study on the implementation of the EU Minimum Criteria for environmental inspections delivered by ČIŽP


Three executed training seminars on strategic planning


Min. 15 trained staff in strategic planning from different environmental enforcement institutions


One developed strategic plan


One implementation of the strategic plan started


One study tour prepared, the participants selected, and tour executed


One study tour report



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