Work package 1: Inception phase

(ČIŽP coordinator: Olga Klášterková)


This work package further specifies the work programme. It contains a number of activities and benchmarks to be fulfilled. The inception report at the end of the inception phase will confirm or revise the foreseen methods and organisation of the project as defined in the covenant.


1a.    Project launch

An official project launch was organised on 11 March 2004. This launch was followed by a press release and a formal meeting with all relevant project partners from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

A kick off meeting took place on 12 May 2004 combined with the first Steering Committee meeting.


Visit to ‘inspectorate regions’

Between 30 April and 7 May 2004 all ‘inspectorate regions’ were visited by the Twinning advisor and the Czech project leader. This visit aimed at informing the management of inspection and enforcement institutions working at the regional level about the project objectives. This included an explanation on the project objectives on the role of the EU minimum criteria for environmental inspections (not yet available in English) and the functioning of the IMPEL network. Also information was gathered for further involvement of appropriate staff members of these institutions in the project activities. Overall more than 100 people at the management level attended the meetings. For the names of the people who attended the meetings, please click here (not yet available in English).


1b.    Review of linked activities

The Twinning advisor of the project has extensively discussed with the Twinning advisor of the Phare 2002 project on Reinforcement of IPPC-implementation the relation between both projects. Following this discussion a number of activities will be carried out simultaneously or in the same way, like project administration approaches and combining project activities.

Also with the project leader of the Phare 2003 project on the Environmental Information and Management System (CENIA) thorough discussions took place, leading to coordinative action.


A review of linked activities has been carried out, including reports on other (Phare) projects. The essential elements will be used in this project. Relevant people from other projects have been interviewed. The update with the products of other ongoing projects will be continued, also outside the inception period.


1c.     Compilation of an inception report

A further specification of the work programme for the tasks ahead will be reported in an inception report. This report will confirm or revise the proposed methods and organisation of the project as defined in the covenant taking into account the results of the review.



Activities in Work package 1





Start up of the project

-    Official Launch

-    Visits to all the involved institutions to detail the appointments made in the covenant and discuss with these institutions the expected inputs in a Kick-off meeting

-    Visit to the enforcement institutes in the 10 inspectorate regions

-    Present the EU minimum criteria for environmental inspections and discuss the expected project results and the way the enforcement institutes expect to use the results beyond the framework of the project

-    Pre-selection of potential trainers



Review of the linked activities

-    Reading results of all relevant previous and running bi- and multi lateral projects

-    Discussion with the Twinning advisors of the relevant running Phare twinning projects

-    Define in detail with the Twinning advisor of the Phare 2002 twinning on IPPC the common activities and the way it will be organised in co-operation



Compilation of an inception report

-    The relevant elements of other projects, the present experience in the regions and the more detailed requirements for sustainability of project results will be written down in an inception report. This inception report will focus the work on procedures and the training needs assessment. The inception report should be seen as a more detailed work programme for the tasks ahead.







Benchmarks in Work package 1





One project launch and one kick-off meeting



One series of visits to the different inspectorate regions



One review report on the analysis of linked activities and confirmation of procedures to be used in work packages 2, 3 and 4



One plan for co-operation with the Twinning advisor and experts in Phare twinning 2002 on IPPC project (CZ02/IB/EN-03)



One inception report



One list of pre-selected staff of enforcement institutes to be trained as trainers




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