Work Package 5: Project Management


(ČIŽP coordinator: Mr. Pavel Šremer)


Extensive information on project management issues can be found in the project covenant.


It includes:


-    Project co-ordination

-    Co-ordination with the project’s investment component

-    Publications: newsletters


In the project staff both the ČIŽP and its partner organisations were involved. In order to guarantee good co-ordination of activities a number of communication mechanisms was established:


1.    Inter-administrative Management group


The main stakeholders, the Ministry of the Environment, the ČIŽP, the AIP and the Twinning advisor form together an inter-administrative management group, which met at irregular interfalls at request of one of its members. The group exists of: Ms. Zdeňka Volná (Ministry of Environment), Mr. Pavel Šremer (ČIŽP), Mr. Jan Prášek (AIP) and Mr. Rob Bakx (Twinning advisor). They met or contacted where needed to propose specific delegates to specific activities and to discuss the planning of the activities.



2.    Project leaders management


The Dutch and Czech  project leaders Mr. Koen de Kruif (DCMR) and Mr. Pavel Šremer (ČIŽP) had regular contact during the missions of the Dutch project leader to the Czech Republic and in between via e-mails, telephone or through the Twinning advisor. The final project report were written by both project leaders and the Twinning advisor. The other necessary contacts ran through the Twinning advisor.


3.    Consortium management


The daily consortium management runs through the Twinning advisor Mr. Rob Bakx and the Dutch project leader Mr. Koen de Kruif. The Twinning advisor and the Dutch project leader have at least a biweekly contact by phone and/or e-mail. The Twinning advisor has been mandated to sign financial papers, time sheets and reports on behalf of the Dutch project leader.

All short term experts will be invited by the Twinning advisor on behalf of the Dutch project leader to execute predefined project tasks.


4.    Daily management


The Twinning advisor Mr. Rob Bakx, the Project assistant Mr. Jan Janda, the Czech project leader Mr. Pavel Šremer and the project co-ordinator of the ČIŽP, Ms. Olga Klášterková, meet in regular progress meetings. These meetings are attended by all members of the project team within the ČIŽP. Except for the persons mentioned they include Mrs. Edita Haberhauerova, Mrs. Renata Svobodova, Mrs. Jitka Jenšovska, Mr. Marek Pur, Mr. František Vesely and Mr. Petr Mrzena.

The meetings are used to assign tasks to each of the team members, to discuss progress of task fulfilment and project planning. They are also used to identify all possible risks in achieving the expected results for all activities and to define suitable solutions.


5.    Project Steering Committee


In order to maintain control over this large and complex project, a broad project steering committee was established. The committee discusses the project progress and supports the project activities. It has a key advisory role in the direction of the project. The committee is chosen to be large, since the project has a key role in co-operation in networks. The committee itself is a contribution to the establishment of the environmental inspection and enforcement network.

This committee meets a maximum of six times in the duration of the project. The meeting dates (planned) are:

-    12 May 2004

-    2 September 2004

-    16 December 2004

-    3 March 2005

-   26 May 2005


For the minutes of the meetings please click here.


The Steering Committee was chaired by the Czech project leader, Mr. Pavel Šremer. Mr. Koen de Kruif, the Dutch project leader was th Committee’s secretary. Interpretation was provided by Mr. Jan Janda.

Members of the Committee were :


Mr. Mirko Jašurek – Municipality of Ostrava

Mrs. Michaela Horáčkova – Municipality of Ustí n. Labem

Mrs. Eliška Vršecká – Karlovy Vary Region

Mr. Hynek Orság – Ostrava Region

Mr. Daniel Miklós – Fire Brigade

Mrs. Ivana Břicháčkova or Mr. Hynek Kenbart – Customs Office

Mr. Miroslav Soukup – Police Presidium

Mr. Marek Pur – Czech Environmental Inspectorate (ČIŽP)

Ms. Olga Klášterková  – Czech Environmental Inspectorate (ČIŽP)

Mr. Martin Petrtyl – Ministry of the Environment

Ms. Zdeňka Volna – Ministry of the Environment

Mr. Jan Prášek – IPPC Agency


Observers are:


Mrs. Tereza Kozakova – EC Delegation

Mr. Arnošt Cetkovsky – CFCU

Mr. Jan Slanec – Czech Environmental Inspectorate (ČIŽP)

Mr. Rob Bakx – Resident Twinning Advisor

Mrs. Marta Susová - project assistant



Activities in work package 5






Project Co-ordination

-    Covenant preparations

-    Five Steering committees and progress discussions

-    Daily presence of PAA and involvement in CEI and enforcement institutions

-    Project planning and reporting (quarterly reports and financial reports)



Co-ordination with investment component

-    Supervising the process of investments

-    Giving advice on the use of the equipment in the framework of the enforcement strategy



Newsletter, CD and website

-    Publications of electronic newsletters

-    Setting up and maintenance of a website

-    Publication of all relevant materials, handbooks and training curriculum on CD




-    Preparations for an accountant report, to accompany the final invoice




-    Translation of written materials from English to Czech and vice-versa





Benchmarks in work package 5




Six electronic project newsletters



Five sets of minutes/action points from the steering committee meetings



One project website, updated monthly, maintained four times a year



One CD with project results



One accountant report



One approved final report





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