Work Package 4: Informational networks


This work package focuses on information sources, flows, needs and exchange. Both in electronic and physical form. The package includes activities, benchmarks and background documents.

Activity 4a deals with monitoring of inspectorate activities. In activity 4b we focus on the creation of a professional networking structure between the inspectorates and their surroundings. Activity 4c deals with IT-activities to support the information exchange within the network. Activity 4d will disseminate the knowledge and experience to the potential users (like inspectors) of the network outcomes.


4a.     Development of monitoring of inspections and accident prevention


(ČIŽP coordinator: Mr. Marek Pur)


According to the accession program, it has high priority to improve administration and monitoring of enforcement capacities. It is necessary to further develop the system for administration and assessment of inspections and enforcement actions and of accident prevention and emergency response activities.


Thwo 4a workshops were planned. During a first workshop under activity 4c it was recognised that strong connections exists between activities under 4a and 4c. Therefore both activities will take place as integrated as possible.


The first 4a workshop has the aim to identify the different enforcement institutions in the regions (numbers and types) at present and evaluate the use of monitoring approaches. A draft report will summarise the administrations, activities and monitoring approaches. Under activity 4c several interviews with representatives of the management of enforcement institutions already provided a preliminary description of the present situation.


By the middle of December 2004 the planned workshop will be replaced with a series of interviews by the project expert. He will visit number of institutions to tidentify possible improvements in the existing monitoring system. In this the EU-Recommendation on Minimum Criteria for Environmental Inspections will be taken into account. The draft of an adjusted monitoring system will be passed on to relevant institutions for comments after the workshops have been finalised.


 4b.    Establishment of informational networks


(ČIŽP coordinator: Mrs. Jitka Jenšovska)


For effective exchange of experience of knowledge and case-related (or so called operational) information, it is necessary to have frequent communication between inspectors and their organisations. The building of a network between (inter)national, regional and local offices and inspectors in the field of environmental protection (where relevant including other organisations like customs, police, fire brigade and occupational health authorities) will promote this communication. Establishment of a network is more than having a formal starting date of the network.


So far two management meetings (with representatives of many organisations in the area of environmental inspection and enforcement) have been organised to discuss the establishment of the network. The second meeting made use of the outcome of a round tour on networking to the Regional Inspectorates of the CEI (ČIŽP) in October 2004. At this moment, a working group of the management meeting prepares a proposal for the networking structure.


The real effects of networking highly depend on the commitment of the inspectors and their managers. The network structure for environmental enforcement is expected to have several layers. Not only regional, but also national and international (like IMPEL, TFS and INECE). 


The network will function with face-to-face meetings and will be partial virtual, with exchange of electronic information on experiences and acquired knowledge on different types of technical information. IT-solutions will support the information exchange in the network. It cannot replace the need for personal contacts. The virtual communication will be developed in activity 4c. In general, communication aspects are strongly ruled by the legal (im)possibilities to exchange information.


The management meeting discusses more than technical information exchange: it talks about working methods, experience in contacts with companies in the new IPPC framework, how good and bad experiences are processed and how personal ideas can be used in further development of the quality of the work. 


Two further workshops werebe organised in thematic arrangements, to support the interpersonal relations between partners in the network and to stimulate further development and use of the network. Part of these arrangements is to set up a network working program in order to fill in and fulfil the network targets set. The workshops were also used to build up networking experience.


4c.    Information exchange within networks


(ČIŽP coordinator: Mr. Marek Pur, Mr, František Vesely)


Proper exchange and dissemination of information is a crucial element of every network. We distinguish between non-operational and operational information. Non-operational information covering general information, like explanation of legal texts, minutes of meetings, general reports on technical issues, methods, aggregated monitoring results, etc. Operational information covering inspection case-specific topics, like compliance behaviour of specific companies or persons, specific fining or prosecution of companies, progress in specific investigations, etc. Both kinds of information support the functioning of the network. Therefore we discuss and identify the way(s) in which this information exchange can be given shape. We investigate the possibilities to make use of IT-solutions, like web-based approaches but we also look at legal (im)possibilities.


This activity is actively linked to activity 4a but also to 4b.


In a first workshop we have identified which information should be exchanged for the proper functioning of the network, both covering network information as such and general information to be approachable for and to be used by field inspectors on a daily basis. Furthermore the identification of the operational (case-specific) information to be approachable for and used by field inspectors among themselves. Besides the identification of information needs this workshop  also has focused on the identification of the users, which are broader than just environmental inspectors.


Instead of a second workshop the project expert used the results of the first workshop as a starting point to identify the tools that are presently being used in information exchange. Furthermore, there were discussions whether these tools are sufficient to fulfil the information exchange needs as defined in the first workshop. And, if this is not the case, to make a first general overview of functions/tools that are lacking.


In a third mission the expert will draft plan how to cover gaps in the required information exchange system, containing possibly both IT and non-IT elements. This plan will be forwarded to the responsible decision makers. In the plan the role of the training centre, from its position in the middle of information flows and amidst network partners, will be taken into account where feasible. Also the possibilities of creating a network website as well as ways to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible will be discussed in the conclusions of the plan.

 4d.    Feedback to the regional and local level


(ČIŽP coordinator: Mrs. Jitka Jenšovská)


The reports and procedures written in the activities 4a-4c will be used to prepare a handbook. It will not only contain information on monitoring, but also information on operational aspects of the enforcement network, as well as the possibilities of the exchange of operational and non-operational information. The handbook will be explained, through workshops, to all the Regional Inspectorates to make it better known and to instruct stakeholders to use it.



Activities in work package 4





Development of monitoring and inspections and accident prevention

-    Selection of 2-4 pilot regions, that will  in first instance participate in the development of an improved monitoring approach, taking into account the high workload of all regional and local enforcement institutions

-    A workshop on identification of the different administrations, their present activities and their used monitoring approaches

-    A discussion on the possibilities for improvement of the present monitoring and assessment system

-    Development of an improved system for administration and assessment of enforcement activities



Establishment of informational networks

-    A discussion on the function and use of informational networks

-    Definition of the role and targets of an informational network and how the Czech Informational network should work in practice

-    Organise meetings for partners in the network on specific themes to stimulate further development and use of the network



Information exchange within networks

-    Identification of the information exchange needs

-    Identification of the gaps in the tools presently available to support information exchange and how to bridge these gaps

-    Drafting a plan how to fill in gaps in the information exchange system and forward these to the decision makers



Feedback to the regional and local level

-    Preparation of a handbook containing information on adjusted monitoring approach, the operation of the enforcement network and possibilities for information exchange

-    Present the handbook and additional expertise on the use of networks to combinations of regions. (max. 5 meetings)

-    Information to all regions on an additional day of the 3e conference on evaluation of the training results






Benchmarks in work package 4




One proposed system for monitoring of activities in relation to inspections and accident prevention



One established network between different institutions for environmental enforcement



One plan for filling in gaps in the present system for information and data exchange



One Handbook on the developed network, possibilities of information supply and exchange and the monitoring approach developed and presented to the regions (handbook, annexes)




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